Calling all makeup-lovers!

Whether you want to enhance what you have, or turn back the clock on your skin, I have something for you.

Hi, I'm Carolina

and I turned beauty into a business!

I was working full-time and struggling to  keep my makeup on past my morning commute to work.  I'm frustrated, because I was spending good money on skincare and makeup, but nothing seemed to deliver. I wasn't seeing the anti-aging results I wanted or looking put together after a long day.  All the labels made promises, but didn't deliver.  Then I was introduced to Senegence and everything changed. The makeup had anti-aging ingredients and was long-lasting, while the skincare transformed my adult acne. 

I was hooked!

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Customer Reviews

Have you ever felt like this?

  • My skin is super dull and these wrinkles are starting to take over. 

  • I'm getting to that age where I should be taking care of my skin better, but I have no idea what to use.

  • Is there anything out there for women who don't have time to reapply their makeup 10 times?

Our products are perfect in all these scenarios. I help women who are looking for skincare that will help with anti-aging, hyper-pigmentation and dull skin. I help you access runway-grade makeup and skincare at the most affordable prices.


My products will have you:

  • looking flawless while keeping you young.

  • glowing with confidence that doesn't require a filter.

  • enjoying cleansing your skin without feeling tight or too dry afterwards.

  • committed to a consistent routine that gets you results.

Not convinced?
We are! Our products are a combination of 98% nature and 2% science. If you use the products consistently for 90 days and don't see results we will provide you a full refund! 

Slow down aging... speed up the glow.


SenePlex renews your skin cells an average of 23.3% more rapidly that your body normally does. That means less wrinkles, and imperfections are gone faster.

Your love for beauty can make you bank! 

Join a record-breaking team of women entrepreneurs who will train you how to become your own boss with a simple side hustle. 20 years ago, a single mother started this company with the mission to create cosmetics that are long-lasting and effective. After developing a proprietary formula, she launched her company to help busy women everywhere create additional income.

Here are some reasons why you should become a wholesale customer:

✔️ Learn the latest and greatest online marketing strategies with ton of on-demand trainings and videos available every week.
✔️ Products that work and can easily be shared online without being spammy or pushy.
✔️ A stable, debt-free company with product formulas you can't find anywhere else.
✔️No monthly minimum orders, monthly quotas to meet, or start-up kit requirement.
✔️ Our direct sales model allows you to access products up to 50% off the retail price.
✔️ Your wholesale discount allows you to purchase for yourself AND others.

So if you your paycheck just doesn't seem to stretch far enough, you naturally love sharing what you wear and use on social media, and have a little entrepreneurial spirit inside you, become a wholesales customer. 

Teammember Testimonial - Judy copy
Teammember Testimonial - Judy copy

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Screen Shot 2018-10-12 at 10.37.06 PM

Teammember Testimonial-Alexi
Teammember Testimonial-Alexi

Teammember Testimonial - Judy copy
Teammember Testimonial - Judy copy


Team Testimonials


So I started my side hustle....

...to get my products for up to 50% off and make money on any referrals.I didn't need to buy an expensive kit, meet any quotas, or buy a bunch of inventory. But what I really enjoy is being able to have a side hustle doing something I already love: sharing makeup and beauty! Thanks to my side hustle I've been able to:

  • throw a party for my husband's 40th birthday 

  • pay off credit card debt

  • get all my makeup and skincare at wholesale prices

  • and help other women do the same

Whether you need help figuring out the skincare solution that will give you the most bang for your buck, or want to explore how to manage a side hustle with a full-time job and a salary, let's chat!