Welcome, Bellas!

My name is Carolina and I’m a late bloomer! I wore my first red lip color only 5 years ago (in my 30s!) and still even after that I still kept it plain vanilla as my husband calls it ! Mainly because I didn’t know much about makeup and also because it was pointless putting the effort to then have the lipstick disappear after my first coffee of the day (I can’t just have 1 when it’s Monday through Friday) or having my foundation fade and rub off my collar of my shirt (pet peeve !). Sooo enter SeneGence.... and I’m a new woman!


Discovered it when my son was about 7 months, first time mom here so was REALLY NOT feeling my best self at the time but seeing the videos about LipSense caught my eye. Fast forward to present day and now I’m still a full time working mom in Corporate America but feeling the best I’ve felt in years as I work this hustle. Never in a million years would I think I would be in network marketing nor wearing Blue lip color (check out my instagram!) but it feels good! And the skincare .... has changed my life. My before pictures will scare you !


Thank you for stopping by ! I look forward to helping you pick your first LipSense color and/or tell you more about our revolutionary skincare. Feel free to message me. That one on one connection with my clients is my favorite part of this business.


No Longer Plain Vanilla,


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